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Application description Keep clue of all your lists - grocery lists, arcade lists, birthdays, abode chores, assignment items, and added with To-do List. Tasks can calmly be added, categorized, edited, removed, and sorted.



- Create To-do, Phone Call, and Email tasks.

- Supports assorted categories of tasks.

- Manage alone categories or all at once.

- Accessible to change assignment categories.

- Accent tasks application blush or number.

- Drag and bead allocation to prioritize.

- Set due dates for tasks.

- Create repeating tasks.

- Active figure indicates due tasks (alerts appearance aback the app is accessible - there is no way to appearance alerts aback the app is closed).

- An aural active advantage is accessible for due items.

- Sort by category, priority, due date, and title.

- Email a account of tasks.

- Cardinal of behind tasks apparent in home awning icon.

- Backups up abstracts so the advice can be retrieved.

- Consign assignment lists to a .CSV book (opens in Excel or added database/spread area programs) so it can be edited on a computer, and again re-imported for accessible assignment management.

Please restart accessory afterwards installing.

There will be common updates. Please activity acknowledgment by emailing us about changes that could be fabricated to advance this app. Thanks!

New in this adaptation 1.0.21 - Added ambience to about-face off headings aback allocation by priority.

1.0.20 - Added advantage to auto acclimatize the admeasurement of a To-Do item’s title.

1.0.19 - Added a ambience for alteration antecedence as an accumulation or decimal.

1.0.18 - Added echo afterwards achievement option; Can acquire to echo a assignment afterwards the due date (current action), or afterwards the time the assignment was apparent complete.

1.0.17 - Added validation aback importing data, so that importing a accurate CSV book with bad abstracts doesn't clean the list; Added advancement retrieval.

1.0.16 - Fixed alteration repeatable items. Aback you analysis it as complete, it will acquire it, and aback you bang “Done”, it will amend the account correctly, authoritative a completed archetype at the defined date and the fresh fractional account as well.

1.0.15 - Added swatches to baddest antecedence in accession to the slider.

1.0.14 - Added the time to the date aback emailing a list. The antecedence slider is now easier to move. An aural active has been added for aback assuming due items. The adeptness to baddest aloof the date instead of the date/time has been added (allows alternative of year). A fresh Splash Awning and Figure accept been added. An advantage to move aback to bequest antecedence blush appearance has been added.

1.0.13 – The user interface has been bigger by authoritative improvements to the accomplishments blush of the rows in the table, which represent the priority.

1.0.12 – Now can consign assignment lists to a .CSV (opens in Excel and added database/spread area programs) book to be edited on a computer, and again can be re-imported to the device. OK and Cancel buttons are confused to the basal of the adapt assignment screen.

1.0.11 - Can appearance descriptions of tasks after activity into adapt appearance (Tap and hold).

Languages English

Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch

Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later

To download click here

برنامج To-Do List لعمل القوائم للاى فون

يقوم بتنظيم قوائم ، أعياد الميلاد ، والمنزلية ، والعمل في البنود ، وأكثر مع البرنامج من تحرير وقص وحذف

السمات :
-- إنشاء قوائم الاتصال الهاتفي والبريد الإلكتروني
-- دعم فئات متعددة من المهام.

-- إدارة الأفراد أو الفئات في وقت واحد.
-- سهولة تغيير مهمة الفئات.
-- إعطاء الأولوية للمهام باستخدام اللون أو عدد.
-- سحب وإسقاط الفرز لتحديد الأولويات.
-- تحديد المواعيد للمهام.
-- إنشاء تكرار المهام.
-- التنبيه بأيقونة تشير الى المهام المفتوحه (التنبيهات تظهر عند التطبيق مفتوح -- لا توجد وسيلة لإظهار تنبيهات عند التطبيق مغلق).
--خيارات التنبيه
-- تصنيف حسب الفئة ، على سبيل الأولوية ، والموعد المقرر ، وعنوانه.
-- البريد الإلكتروني لقائمة المهام.
-- تأخر عدد من المهام المبينة في الوطن أيقونة الشاشة.
-- المساعدون البيانات ولذلك فإن المعلومات التي يمكن استرجاعها.
-- التصدير إلى قوائم المهمة. CSV ملف (يفتح في إكسل أو غيرها من قواعد البيانات / انتشار برامج ورقة) بحيث يمكن تحريره على الكمبيوتر ، ثم يعاد استيراده بعد ذلك لمهمة سهلة الإدارة.

الرجاء إعادة تشغيل الجهاز بعد تثبيت.

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iPhone يتطلب نظام التشغيل 2.0 أو أحدث

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